Best Adoption Attorney

Scott is always professional but always keeps you at ease. Scott is one of a few attorneys that know all of the adoption laws, and that makes us feel so relaxed and self assured that he will represent us and get the job done without any mistakes. When it comes time for the adoption date I am usually full of anxiety and stress but after talking to Scott I always feel calm and a little stress free.

-Heather, a Family Client

Excellent and Committed

Scott was efficient and knew his stuff. Very thorough and committed to our family. He had worked on two different cases for us and did an excellent job. No regrets!

-Brock & Julie, An Adoption client

Scott Hamblin Review

Scott is a very reputable attorney. He truly has compassion and great knowledge for the clients he serves. Scott was our attorney for our adoptions. We are very thankful for him!

Best Attorney in Jefferson City

Attorney Scott Hamblin works tirelessly on his cases and gets to know each and every one of his clients personally. When necessary he sacrifices his personal time to make sure he is always prepared to defend you no matter the circumstances. Mr. Hamblin fights for the life, liberty and most importantly, justice of the everyday person and citizen of this great nation.

Mr. Hamblin is able to accomplish this not just because of his conviction for upholding justice for the common person but because of his expertise and unequivocal knowledge of the law and court procedures. He has an uncanny, unique ability to simplify complex issues and make them understandable to other attorneys, judges and juries.

He has spent a good portion of his life here in Jefferson City as a former all-star prosecutor and has fostered a collegial rapport with his associates working in the courts in Missouri. He has earned their respect and listen closely when he engages a topic. A good attorney when someone is in a very bad position is a necessity that everyone has a right too. When you employ Mr. Hamblin you don’t get a good attorney you get a GREAT attorney that will fight for you till your case is resolved.

-Donna, A Divorce Client

Excellent work

Mr. Hamblin has been my lawyer for 12 years now. He was my lawyer for my divorce, which was not an easy “we agree on everything” divorce, it was a very hard and ugly divorce, I was very pleased with the outcome and he was able to get me what I was asking for. I have used him several times since then, at least 5 other cases, and have had nothing but good experiences, he is very knowledgeable and keeps me informed of my case constantly. There was never a time I needed to get a hold of him and he did not return my call in a timely manner. I’ve trusted him with very important and meaningful information about my life that he needed to know for certain cases and he has never misused that information.

– Donna, a Divorce Client

Trustworthy, hardworking and Dedicated

Scott is such an easy person to talk with and can easily explain legal stuff in a leymans terms. Scott is dedicated, trustworthy and listens to everything in a case. Above all of this, Scott has a positive attitude and puts the customer first.

-An Adoption Client

One Awesome Attorney

I called Mr. Hamblin to represent my family member. When we went in to have a meeting, Mr. Hamblin was very honest said he felt that he could represent him and help with the matter that he had been charged with. I was so glad that I had contacted Mr. Hamblin on this matter, because he did just what he said that he would do. He did so in a timely and professional matter, and the expense was very minimal considering that this could have been a life changing matter. I want to Say a big Thank you Mr. Hamblin for your services. I hope that I never have to contact you for anything like this again, but if I ever do I can assure that I will call Mr. Hamblin once again. I think you are a Great Attorney and Thanks once again for your services.

One of the best Attorneys in the state of Missouri

The title says it all on this review. I have used Scott Hamblin on a number of legal issues over the course of many years. He never fails to perform beyond expectations. Scott Hamblin is widely known for being prepared and thorough. This was true in every instance that I needed his services including most recently in 2015. He is not a 9-5 type and it shows in his communications. I was always informed on every action he was taking on my behalf and this communication was personal and not submitted exclusively by letter or email. He would speak to me after hours which is a real boost for a person involved in legal matters. Scott Hamblin is personable and direct. He has great knowledge of the law and puts his clients first in the legal equation. I find him to be of the highest ethical standards who advocates with discipline. A couple of observations I have made about Scott separates him from most attorneys. The first is that he is not egocentric. He is professional but presents himself as a person who listens and has humility. Secondly he advocates efficiently and is not a wasteful type. He understands the value of money and tries with great effort to stay within budgetary constraints. You know every step of the way how the case is going and how your money is being spent. No secrets and no curve balls from Scott. He practices law with great passion. I am very selective about seeking legal assistance. I want the best attorney I can get for the job at hand. In every instance I have needed an attorney over the last decade he is the man. I have only used two attorneys in mid Missouri in the last 15 years. The other attorney always has recommended Scott for the very reasons that I have cited here. Scott Hamblin comes prepared. He is the only attorney I will use! If anyone wishes to challenge the validity of my statements or the sincerity of this review please contact me via my email and I will open up my legal files to show you how good he is at practicing the law. Is this a bit over the top? I think not because there are a lot of Attorneys out there practicing law for the wrong reasons. When you find a diamond in a pile of stones you don’t hide it, you share. I recommend Scott Hamblin to everyone who needs a great attorney. I have done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future. He is one of the best attorneys in the state of Missouri.