Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation in Jefferson City, MO

People who are injured at work may be able to recover under Missouri’s Worker’s Compensation laws. The Worker’s Compensation laws specify when a person may file a claim and what rights a person is entitled to.

A person injured at work is not entitled to pursue a personal injury claim like a person injured in a non-work-related car collision. Many people are not familiar with Worker’s Compensation law, don’t fully understand their rights, and accept certain awards of money substantially less than what they might receive through the assistance of a worker’s comp lawyer.

Have you been injured at work?

If you have been injured at work, you should contact a lawyer. Many people think that their employer is going to take care of them and the situation. Missouri law requires that an employer provide the Division of Worker’s Compensation notice of a work-related injury. This does not mean that your employer is taking care of you.

Your employer is not your advocate, but rather the employer has its own legal obligations for which it must comply. While you have certain rights under Missouri law, you should not assume that your employer is protecting your rights. If you want to pursue a claim for financial compensation for the injuries you received, you have an obligation to pursue your own claim.

Why do I need a worker’s comp lawyer?

Do you understand your rights under Missouri Compensation law? What remedies do you have under Missouri Worker’s Compensation Law? How much time do you have to exercise your rights? How do you exercise your rights? What must you do to assert your worker’s compensation claim? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you may consider hiring a worker’s comp lawyer like Scott Hamblin.

If you are under the mistaken belief that your employer will take care of your situation, then you need to speak with attorney Scott Hamblin. Do not wait until it’s too late to pursue your claim by assuming your employer took care of the situation.

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Scott Hamblin is a worker’s compensation attorney in Jefferson City, MO.