Car Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks

Car Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks in Missouri

People involved in accidents and collisions with semi-trucks (also known as tractor-trailers) generally suffer severe and catastrophic injuries which might involve the loss of use of one or more parts of the body, traumatic brain injuries and sometimes death. Any motor vehicle collision may be life altering, but frequently collisions with semi-trucks and tractor trailers appear more life-altering that other types of collisions. This is a time to consult with attorney Scott Hamblin to discuss the best ways to represent you and look out for the interests of your family.

Have you been injured by a semi-truck?

If you have been injured by a semi-truck or tractor trailer, there are certain steps that need taken to preserve information to assist in maintaining a claim. Some of the things that you can do if you are in a hospital is to have a family or friend take some pictures of you, and if you have not yet hired a lawyer, take some pictures of your vehicle.

Generally speaking, Missouri State Highway Patrol may have already prepared an accident report and taken pictures, but taking some additional pictures doesn’t hurt. You should also follow any doctor’s advice and follow-up with necessary medical treatment. Scott Hamblin encourages his clients to proceed with seeking medical treatment, either through their physician or by visiting the emergency room, if necessary. Scott believes that his client’s health is of paramount importance.

Don’t speak to the insurance company without a lawyer

If you have been injured by a semi-truck (tractor trailer), or for that matter, injured in a car collision by another driver, you should not speak with the insurance company without consulting a lawyer. A person hospitalized may be under the influence of prescription drugs or medications which may affect a person’s memory, speech or cognitive abilities.

As mentioned elsewhere in this website, the insurer for a negligent driver is not your friend. The insurance company works to protect their client, the insurance company and the shareholders. The job of the insurer is to pay you the least amount of money possible. Insurance companies do not want you to hire a lawyer. This is one reason why you should hire attorney Scott Hamblin.

Scott is an experienced trial lawyer practicing throughout Missouri. Many of Scott’s clients were initially contacted by an insurance adjuster who attempted to persuade the injured person to accept a sum of money, often much less money than what Scott later obtained for his client. There is nothing illegal about the insurance company trying to get a person to settle for less than they may be entitled, but that doesn’t mean that the insurance company is required to be fair or reasonable. You need your own advocate. You need Scott Hamblin.

Representing Injured Clients throughout Missouri

From his office in Jefferson City, Scott Hamblin represents injured persons throughout Missouri. Contact Scott’s office today by calling 573-821-4013 to speak with Scott or a member of his knowledgeable staff.

Scott represents his clients on a contingency fee basis which means you won’t pay Scott unless he recovers money for you.

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