Divorce Settlement

People generally agree that it is easier to get married than get divorced. A divorce settlement is a process whereby spouses can reach an agreement to resolve their divorce without the anxiety, delay, and expense that often accompanies a trial. At trial evidence is presented to the judge.  The judge listens to the evidence and then makes the decision about what happens. A divorce settlement allows spouses to decide how they will resolve their divorce instead of leaving the decision up to a judge; a settlement eliminates the anxiety, risk and uncertainty of how a judge might rule at trial. A divorce settlement is also generally less expensive than trial because time is not spent preparing for trial and avoids the time spent in the courtroom for the trial.

Working Out a Divorce Settlement

Working out a divorce settlement is an option when both spouses agree the divorce should occur and that spouses are also reasonable about what they want. All settlement agreements must comply with Missouri law and must be approved by the court. An experienced divorce lawyer will ensure that the agreement complies with the legal requirements for court approval.

When Divorce Discussions Fail

Reaching an agreement becomes more challenging when both spouses want the same thing. The emotions that accompany a divorce can also sometimes create an obstacle to working out a settlement. For example, one spouse may not want the divorce. A spouse may still file for divorce even if the other spouse does not want the divorce, but reaching a settlement is more challenging. An experienced divorce attorney is an asset when facing these types of challenges.

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