Division of Assets, Debts & Property

A court is required in a divorce to divide the property and the debts. The division assets, debts and property is not always equal. Sometimes, there are reasons why a court may award a husband or wife some types of property or debts.

Scott A. Hamblin is a divorce lawyer representing clients throughout Mid-Missouri. He has nearly two decades of experience as a trial lawyer, and while your case may not go to trial, his willingness to do so instills confidence in his divorce clients.

Handling Property Division, Asset Division, and Debt Division in Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Dividing the property and debts can be a contentious issue in a divorce. Scott represents clients in a contested divorce, meaning when the husband and wife cannot reach an agreement, and in an uncontested divorce, when the spouses can arrive at an agreement on all issues, even the final agreement is some type of compromise.

In any type of property division case, marital property will first need to be determined. Marital property is any type of property, asset, or debt that was accumulated during the course of the marriage. Once the marital property has been determined, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Economic circumstances of each spouse
  • Each spouse’s financial and nonfinancial contribution to the marital property
  • Value of nonmarital property for each spouse
  • Marital conduct of the parties
  • Child custody arrangements

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