Is A Misdemeanor A Criminal Offense?

A misdemeanor is most definitely a criminal offense.

Misdemeanor criminal offenses are classified based upon certain elements, and the existence of certain circumstances dictates how the criminal offense is classified. Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer is important for any criminal offense. Attorney Scott Hamblin has represented hundreds of clients confronted with misdemeanor criminal offenses. He has also tried numerous misdemeanor crimes.

What Are Misdemeanors?

The term “misdemeanor” describes criminal offenses and crimes that are more serious than infractions but less serious than felonies. Misdemeanor criminal offenses and misdemeanor crimes have a range of punishments that can include jail time but not a prison sentence. Missouri’s criminal code provides for four separate classifications for misdemeanor criminal offenses and misdemeanor crimes:


Range of Punishment

Types of Offenses

Class A Misdemeanor

$1.00 fine up to one year in jail and a $2,000.00 fine.

Assault, stealing, tampering, sexual misconduct, DWI, etc.

Class B Misdemeanor

$1.00 fine up to six months in jail and a $1,000.00 fine.

Assault, tampering, property damage, trespass, sexual misconduct, DWI, etc.

Class C Misdemeanor

Class D Misdemeanor


$1.00 fine up to 15 days in jail and a $750.00 fine.

$1.00 fine up to a $500.00 fine.

Assault, speeding, sexual misconduct, etc.

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