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Uncontested Divorce

Family Law
Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Lawyers Jefferson City

An uncontested divorce is different from those cases that may eventually settle. An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the spouses agree about everything in connection with the divorce from the very beginning. An uncontested divorce only occurs where the spouses are communicating with each other and are on good terms, at least good enough terms, to reach an agreement. Where the spouses are communicating and can agree, an uncontested divorce can save people a lot of money in attorney fees that would otherwise be spent conducting discovery, preparing for trial, the trial itself, and also post-trial motions.

Uncontested divorces can involve all the same subjects as a contested divorce. For example, an uncontested divorce will involve a division of the assets and liabilities of the marriage. Child custody may be an issue in an uncontested divorce along with child support. The complexity with any divorce case is addressing the details.

Scott Hamblin is a well-known lawyer in the area of divorce and family law. Scott has more than 20 years’ experience handling divorce and family law cases in Jefferson City and throughout central Missouri. Scott can assist you with your uncontested divorce, including assisting you with the details that accompany even an uncontested divorce. We utilize a team approach in representing our clients with an uncontested divorce. The team approach in an uncontested divorce creates efficiency and provides additional savings to you.

An Uncontested Divorce Can Avoid Court In Jefferson City, And Mid-Missouri

An uncontested divorce can still be stressful even though the spouses are communicating in an effort to achieve a resolution. Scott Hamblin is a compassionate lawyer. He utilizes his compassion in assisting clients with the stress and confusion that is common in divorce, even where the client wants to resolve a divorce without going to court.

Spouses can avoid court appearances in an uncontested divorce. Family courts used to require court appearances to accomplish almost anything in connection with a divorce, even an uncontested divorce where everyone was in agreement. Judges began allowing attorneys more flexibility to resolve uncontested divorces. The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot about how courts are now handling certain cases. Uncontested divorces can now be resolved without the necessity of the client having to appear in court. There are some additional steps in the process, but for people who really want to avoid appearing in court, Scott can assist you.

We Handle Uncontested Divorces, Child Custody, And Child Support Cases In Jefferson City And Mid-Missouri

We handle all aspects of an uncontested divorce, but we cannot represent both spouses, even if the spouses are in agreement. We can only have one client. Our duty of loyalty is always to our client. However, even though we do not represent both spouses in a divorce, we can still prepare the legal documents for your spouse to sign based upon the discussions and agreements that have occurred. Our job is not to create conflict where none exists. Our job is to assist you in obtaining fast, efficient and cost-effective representation for your uncontested divorce.

Sometimes, a client may believe that his or her divorce will be uncontested, but that can change. People do change their minds about what they want. And sometimes, a person may have said one thing to his or her spouse only to later change his or her mind. This is another reason why we cannot represent the same spouses in a divorce. Simply because a person said to his or her spouse that he or she would do something does not create a legally binding agreement for the purpose of a divorce.

In the event that your divorce does become contested, we can continue to assist you. We will continue to work to resolve your case by settlement, if possible, but if settlement negotiations fail, we will prepare your case for trial and advocate for you. We have built a reputation for high-quality service and professional legal representation.

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