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Sexual Criminal Offenses

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Sexual criminal offenses, also known as sex crimes, include child molestation, sexual misconduct, statutory rape, sodomy, child pornography and related criminal offenses. Sexual criminal offenses or sex crimes are extremely serious as the mere allegation affects individuals personally and professionally.

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Mandatory reporters are required to report suspected sexual abuse and include schools and health care providers such as doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Children’s Division (formerly known as Division of Family Services or DFS) will immediately investigate reported sexual abuse to determine whether the child or children must be removed from the home. A parent is often forced to choose between his or her child or children and the other parent as Children’s Division will place the child or children in kinship or foster care unless the accused parent moves out of the house. Children’s Division may not even allow a parent accused of a sexual criminal offense to see the children.

Many individuals accused of child molestation, sexual misconduct, statutory rape, sodomy or child pornography have lost their jobs and careers. Certain employers may terminate an employee where their clients and customers are children. Missouri is an employment-at-will state, which means an employee or employer may terminate the employment relationship in these types of situations.

Facing Tough Prosecution

Criminal courts and criminal judges have little compassion and sympathy for persons who have pled guilty or been convicted of sexual offenses. Persons convicted of sexual offenses forever undergo life-altering perceptions both personally and professionally as the person is known as a child molester, pedophile or sexual predator.

Persons convicted of felony sexual criminal offenses and sex crimes are often sentenced to prison and are required to complete a sexual offender education program before release.

Persons convicted of felony sexual offenses or felony sex crimes are also required to register as sexual offenders. The sexual offender registry is a public record and discloses the person’s residence. Once convicted, a person is prohibited from living within a certain geographic distance from schools and is required to follow certain laws during Halloween such as turning off porch lights and remaining inside the house.

Promoting, producing and even possessing child pornography violates certain criminal laws. Criminal conduct involving child pornography may be prosecuted in federal court or state court. Law enforcement will generally seize an individual’s computer to retrieve any and all information available including computer downloads, e-mail chats, computer files, and embedded content. Any information retrieved is generally admissible in criminal prosecutions.

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