Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Jefferson City Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer or DUI/DWI Lawyer, or you simply have questions regarding criminal defense, please contact attorney Scott Hamblin. He’s located in Jefferson City, Missouri, and has represented hundreds of individuals in central Missouri for offenses involving driving offenses such as Driving While Intoxicated to serious criminal cases in state and federal courts.

Experienced Criminal Law Attorney in Jefferson City

Scott has won jury trials in both state and federal courts throughout central Missouri. Scott has been selected by the National Trial Lawyers Association as one of the top 100 lawyers. He has authored the DWI Practice Series, Second Edition, a reference book published by The Missouri Bar for attorneys dealing with the topic of chemical revocation refusals for driving while intoxicated (DWIs) cases where a person refusals to submit to a breathalyzer test or blood test and implied consent warnings. Scott has been selected by the Missouri Bar to speak on subjects for continuing legal education courses for lawyers such as Criminal Law Nuts & Bolts and Auto and Traffic Stop issues. Scott has spoken to civic groups, young professional organizations of the Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, and paralegal associations. Scott is a member of The National Trial Lawyers Association, The Missouri Bar, The Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and numerous other organizations.

Areas of Practice

Candid Legal Assessment of Your Case

Scott believes a candid approach to legal representation is the only approach. Scott will meet with you personally to discuss your case and provide a candid assessment of your case. Frequently, clients do not hear what they want but rather learn of the risks and benefits associated with pursuing a particular strategy with their case. Occasionally, a more detailed opinion is necessary for which Scott will prepare a written legal opinion after researching how certain laws may affect your particular situation.

Obtaining the Best Lawyer to Avoid Jail

As an experienced criminal law attorney in Jefferson City, Missouri, Scott maintains a goal-oriented approach to the representation of his clients facing criminal charges. Most clients want to avoid jail or prison. Many of the local jails including the Cole County jail, the Callaway County Jail, the Maries County Jail, the Miller County Jail, the Moniteau County Jail, the Morgan County Jail, and the Osage County Jail are some of the least desirable jails in which to be occupied based on information provided by former clients who sat in jail before hiring Scott. Clients want the best possible outcome, realizing that the choices may amount to be what is the lesser of the evils.

Contact Scott Hamblin, Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have recently been charged with a crime or are under investigation for alleged criminal activity, you will need to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Do not make any statements to the police or prosecuting attorneys before talking to your own lawyer. Talking can only hurt your case, as it will be used against you. Speaking first to a criminal lawyer will help you build a case, and speaking to one with experience will help you build a strong one.

He’s On Your Side

Scott will keep you up to date on all important developments in your case. When you need to get in touch with him, he will be there to answer your call or return it promptly.

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