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Osage County Family Law Attorney

Osage County Family Law Attorney

Osage County Family Law Attorney

You are reading the right page if you are looking for an Osage County Family Law Attorney. I represent individuals and families in Osage County, Missouri, with a variety of family law matters. The practice of family law encompasses several different areas of law, including, but not limited to, adoptions, child custody cases, child custody modification, child support, divorce, guardianship, legal separation, paternity cases, and prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

How a Skilled Osage County Family Law Attorney Can Assist You

Document preparation – Once I have ascertained my client’s goal and wishes, I can then begin preparing the necessary documents to file with the court. A case begins with the filing of a petition. The petition sets forth the facts, supported by the law, to make a legally recognizable claim. Drafting a factually and legally accurate petition is important because if the petition fails to cite the relevant facts and the applicable law, it is subject to being dismissed by the court.

Representation in court – I developed my courtroom advocacy early in my career. I spent the first several years of my career in the courtroom trying cases. I have developed a reputation as a formidable advocate for my clients. Courtroom advocacy involves being able to convey my client’s position to persuade a judge to issue a favorable ruling to my client while at the same time defending and protecting my client against what another attorney is requesting.

Negotiation – Many of my Osage County family law clients want to avoid trial. Negotiation is a way to discuss resolving a case without a trial or hearing. Negotiation still involves advocacy, but here the advocacy is occurring outside of a courtroom. There are several advantages to resolving a case by negotiation instead of trial, which is why I encourage negotiation as a way to help my clients.

Mediation – Mediation is another way to resolve an Osage County family law case without the necessity of trial. Mediation is different than negotiation. Mediation involves the use of a certified family law mediator to attempt to help assist the parents or spouses in reaching a resolution. Mediation is not free. I carefully consider mediation to avoid increasing my client’s costs.

Trial – Trial generally occurs when the parents or spouses are unable to reach an agreement. Trial involves the presentation of evidence to the judge. The judge listens to the evidence presented and then decides the outcome. Court rules, statutes, and case law govern what occurs in a trial. Most people are able to explain the circumstances in their lives. Very few people understand the law. I have yet to see a person successfully try a case without understanding the law.

I Have the Experience and Knowledge You Can Trust

I have practiced extensively and tried numerous cases for more than two decades before the judges in Osage County, Missouri. Osage County is part of the 20th Judicial Circuit Court. Osage County has one sitting judge. Judges from the 20th Judicial Circuit, which includes Franklin and Gasconade counties, also preside over cases in Osage County. Osage County is more of a rural county than other communities in central Missouri. Judges understand their community and the lifestyle of the families that reside in the community. While judges are required to follow the law, judges also exercise a considerable amount of discretion, especially in situations involving children.

I understand the particular philosophy, tendencies, and views of the judges as a result of my experience in appearing before the judges and trying cases. There is no substitute for experience. My experience helps me to advise and advocate for my clients in my Osage County cases.  I also believe my experience assists my clients because judges know that I have appeared before them before and that I am always prepared.

Contact Me If You Are Seeking an Osage County Family Law Attorneys for Representation in Linn, Missouri

Linn, Missouri, has very few lawyers even though Linn is the seat of government for Osage County. From my office in Jefferson City, I am able to assist you with your particular family law matter in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. Linn, Missouri is a short drive from Jefferson City. I have litigated cases for more than two decades in Osage County. Please contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique circumstances. You can schedule an appointment using our online contact form or you can call my office at (573) 821-4013.

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