Osage County Divorce Lawyers

Osage County Divorce Lawyers

Osage County Divorce Lawyers

The Osage County Courthouse is located in Linn, Missouri which is the county seat of government. There are a number of cities and towns located in Osage County including Argyle, Belle, Chamois, Freeburg, Linn, Meta and Westphalia. There are a limited number of divorce lawyers, child custody lawyers and family lawyers located in Osage County, Missouri due to the population of Osage County. Many people who live in Osage County work in Jefferson City, Missouri. Many people in Osage County contact our office to assist them with their divorce, child custody and child support cases. Our experienced family law attorneys regularly represent people in their divorce and child custody cases in Osage County, Missouri.

Divorce Lawyers Representing Clients in Osage County, MO

From our law office in Jefferson City, Missouri, our divorce lawyers represent clients in Osage County, Missouri. It’s a short drive to Linn, Missouri for court. In order to represent our divorce clients efficiently, we allow our clients the option of in-person meetings, phone conferences, and sometimes video conferences. Divorce cases generally involve a number of issues:

Divorce: Divorce cases involve a myriad of legal issues. Oftentimes, getting the divorce is the easy part of the case compared to the other issues that must addressed including the division of the marital assets and debts, determining child custody, and addressing child support.

Property Division: As part of the final divorce judgment, the court is required to divide the marital assets and marital debts and award to each spouse his or her separate property. Sometimes this process is done through an agreement between husband and wife. On other occasions, the court will divide the marital assets and debts at a trial.

High Asset Divorces and High Net Worth Divorce: While the population of Osage County may be smaller than some of the surrounding counties, there are a number of families that have significant assets resulting in high net worth divorces occurring at the courthouse in Linn, Osage County. There are large family farming operations in Osage County. Crop farming operations also have significant assets including combines, tractors, and farm implements. Many family have acquired land through inheritance. Osage County has generational wealth that is transferred and passed down through the family. There are significant tracts of real estate that are used for cattle farming operations.

Child Custody: Child custody is a subject that is frequently litigated in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. Children are an important part of our lives. Parents are willing to fight to obtain custody of their children. Sometimes parents are able to reach an agreement as to who should have custody and the amount of time the children will spend with each parent. But there are also times where the parents do not agree. In cases where the parents do not agree, the court must decide the outcome.

Child Support: Child support is a means to provide financial support to a parent to assist that parent in raising a child. The courts take into consideration the income of both parents in determining child support. The idea is for a child to benefit from the income of both parents as if the child was living in the same home with those parents. There are laws that apply to the court determining child support.

Family Law in Linn, Osage County

Residents of Osage County can file their adoption, divorce, child custody case, child custody modification, child support case, and paternity case at the Osage County courthouse. Our family lawyers are familiar with the Local Court Rules for Osage County because our lawyers regularly practice in Osage County. The Local Court rules that apply to divorces in Osage County also apply to Franklin and Gasconade counties. In addition to divorce cases, we also handle a variety of other family law matters in Linn, Osage County, Missouri which include:

Child Custody Modifications: A child custody modification is a court proceeding whereby a parent seeks to change a prior court ordered custody schedule. Just like an initial child custody determination, whether done in a divorce proceeding or as part of a paternity case, parent may agree to a custody schedule. Other times, the judge must decide the outcome of a child custody modification.  There are legal requirements in order to proceed with a child custody modification which are different than those during an initial divorce or paternity case.

Child Support Modifications: A child support modification can be heard by the court in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. There are legal requirements to change or modify a prior order for child support. The court must have the financial evidence to be able to modify a prior judgment for child support. Our experienced child support lawyers regularly practice in before the judges in Linn, Osage County, Missouri.

Adoptions: Not every lawyer that practices family law is an experienced adoption lawyer. You will want an experienced adoption lawyer to represent you in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. Our experienced adoption lawyers practice in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. Our adoption attorneys are well versed in adoption law, and speak on the subject regular as part of training panels for both foster and adoptive parents.

Paternity: A paternity case involves a court declaring a man to be a father of a child. A paternity action filed in Linn, Osage County, Missouri can be filed by the child’s mother or a man who believes that he is the father of the child. Paternity cases, like almost every other court case, can be resolved by an agreement between the parties or by the case proceeding to trial. The main issue to be decided is whether a specific man is the father of the child. After paternity is established, then issues of child custody and child support are also usually determined.

Change of Name: A change of name case is what it sounds like which is the legal process of changing a person’s name. An adult can seek to change her name. A child, acting through a parent or legal guardian can also seek a change of name. A change of name is filed at the Osage County Courthouse.

Prenuptial Agreements: A prenuptial agreement is a legal documents signed by two people before becoming married. The purpose of the prenuptial agreement it to protect assets that are already owned from later being classified as marital property. Marital property is subject to a property division in a divorce.

Child Custody Lawyer in Linn, Osage County, Missouri

There are not many child custody lawyers in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. Our child custody lawyers regularly practice before the judges in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. Our experience handling child custody cases before the judges in Osage County allows us to be able to provide our guidance and insight in assisting you with your divorce, child custody or paternity case. While the statutes in Missouri are the same whether you are trying your child custody case in Linn, Missouri or elsewhere, the law allows each judge to exercise her or his discretion. And each judge has their own thoughts when it comes to exercising that discretion.

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From our office in Jefferson City, Missouri, our experienced divorce lawyers will assist you with your divorce in Linn, Missouri. Our family lawyers are experienced in all aspects of family law. Scott Hamblin has litigated cases for more than two decades in counties throughout Missouri including divorce and child custody cases in Linn, Osage County, Missouri. Scott has appeared before numerous judges in LINN and is knowledgeable of the Local Court Rules in Osage County. Please contact Scott to assist you with your divorce, child custody or family law case.

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