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Moniteau County Family Law Lawyers

Moniteau County Family Law Lawyers

Moniteau County Family Law Lawyers

Family law refers to an area of law that helps family members resolve their disputes. Because these types of conflicts involve family members, they are often very emotional and can quickly become heated. When many people think about family law, they often first think of divorce. However, Moniteau County family law lawyers help with much more than that. In addition to divorce, an attorney can help with parentage issues, premarital and postnuptial agreements, and so much more. Below are just a few ways an attorney can help with your legal issue.

All Divorces in Missouri are No-Fault

All divorces in Moniteau County, as throughout the rest of the state, are no-fault. This means that when someone wants to divorce their spouse, they must only state that the marital relationship has broken down and there is no chance of reconciliation. The petitioner, or the person who files for divorce, does not have to allege that their spouse was at fault for the breakdown of the marriage, nor do they have to prove such allegations. Once the divorce has been filed with the court, the couple must wait at least 30 days before their case can be finalized. Still, it typically takes much longer than that before a divorce case is final.

Although petitioners do not have to allege or prove fault when filing, this does not mean that fault is not involved in any part of the process. For example, if one spouse had a substance abuse problem and they used marital funds to support the addiction, that could result in their spouse obtaining more in property division hearings.

Property division is just one aspect of the divorce process. Spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support are just a few other areas a Moniteau County family law lawyer can help with.

Premarital and Postnuptial Agreements

Premarital and postnuptial agreements can remove a lot of the conflict associated with divorce and can make the process much easier. A premarital agreement is written and signed before the marriage, while a postnuptial agreement is drafted after a couple has gotten married. These contracts largely deal with property division in the event that a couple gets divorced. For the court to enforce these agreements, they must be drafted properly, and each party must enter into the contract willingly and without coercion or duress.

Establishing Paternity

When couples in Moniteau County are married and have a child together, the law presumes that the man and woman are the biological parents of the child. This is not true for unwed couples. When an unmarried couple has a child together, paternity must be established. The parents can voluntarily establish paternity, or they can take the matter to court and have a judge order a DNA test.

Establishing paternity is very important. Not only does it allow the child to develop a relationship with each parent, but it can also help the parents, as well. Without establishing paternity, fathers do not have the right to child custody or visitation, and mothers cannot receive child support.

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