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Jefferson City Federal Crimes Attorneys

Jefferson City Federal Crimes Attorneys

Jefferson City Federal Crimes Attorneys

Most people are familiar with state laws and understand that when someone commits a crime, they may face prosecution by the state. Federal laws are not always so easy to understand. A federal crime is one that violates federal law. While federal law often mirrors state law, there are certain elements of crimes that can classify them as federal offenses. A crime involving drugs, for example, would likely be considered a state crime. However, if the offense involved crossing a state border, that would make it a federal crime.

Federal offenses are usually considered much more serious than state crimes. They have longer prison sentences and those convicted may have to serve time in a federal prison. To avoid these harsh consequences, it is important to speak to a Jefferson City federal crimes attorney who can craft a solid defense.

Federal Drug Crimes

Any act that violates the Controlled Substances Act is considered a federal offense. Like drug crimes at the state level, these are some of the most common federal offenses, too. Still, there are important differences between the two. A number of states in the country have legalized marijuana for recreational use, but it is still illegal at the federal level. Even in states where the substance has been legalized, it is still against the law to consume marijuana on federal property. If federal agents are involved in the investigation or prosecution of such a crime, that could also make a drug offense a federal crime.

Federal Weapons Crimes

People face charges for federal weapons crimes most often when they have taken weapons across a border or when the crime is part of a larger scheme. For example, charges for federal weapons crimes are often associated with other charges too, such as drug trafficking. Due to the fact that multiple charges are often laid, those convicted often serve lengthy sentences in federal prison.

Federal White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are typically committed for a person’s financial gain, and they are non-violent in nature. Embezzlement, tax fraud, and identity theft are just a few of the most common examples of white collar crimes. Even though these crimes do not usually involve violence, they are still taken very seriously and anyone convicted will likely face a long prison sentence.

White collar crimes are becoming increasingly common today, as technology continues to advance. Someone may hack into another person’s computer to obtain personal information about them for the purpose of identity theft. Or, someone may send fraudulent emails asking people to donate to a charity, and then keep the donations for themselves.

Our Federal Crimes Attorneys in Jefferson City Can Help With Your Charges

Penalties for a federal conviction are usually much more serious than those prosecuted at state level, making it even more important that you have our Jefferson City federal crimes attorneys fighting to uphold your rights. At Scott A. Hamblin, our seasoned attorneys have the necessary experience with the federal justice system to help you through it and give you the best chance of a successful outcome. Call us now or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation.

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