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Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Divorce Lawyer Near Me

If you are considering divorce, you are not taking the decision lightly. Once you have determined it is the right option for you, there will be a long and emotional road ahead. The divorce process is a legal one and it essentially dissolves the marriage contract between the two parties. Even those getting a simple uncontested divorce will have to become involved in a legal process to some degree. When a divorce involves issues or disputes surrounding alimony, child custody, or child support, the matter may have to go to court.

Many people going through a divorce have never had to deal with the legal system before. A divorce lawyer near you can help you through the process, and make sure you are prepared every step of the way.

Fault and No-Fault Divorce in Missouri

Most of the states throughout the country follow either fault or no-fault divorce laws. In Missouri, couples can choose between the two. In a no-fault divorce, the filing spouse only needs to state that the marriage has broken down and that there is no chance that the spouses can reconcile. The filing spouse does not have to accuse their spouse of wrongdoing, nor do they have to prove any allegations.

A fault divorce, on the other hand, does involve allegations of marital wrongdoing. The spouse filing can allege that their partner was at fault for the breakdown of the marriage, such as if they had an affair. The spouse making the accusations must also prove them. There are certain grounds that can form the basis of a divorce case in Missouri. These are as follows:

  • Unreasonable behavior
  • Incompatibility
  • Mutually consenting to live apart for at least one year
  • Adultery
  • Abandonment of one spouse for at least six months
  • Living apart for at least two years

Regardless of whether or not a person accuses their spouse of marital wrongdoing, couples must wait at least 30 days before their case can be finalized. The clock on the waiting period starts ticking the day divorce papers are filed with the court.

Types of Divorce in Missouri

Many people put off the divorce process because they envision a costly and lengthy courtroom battle. Fortunately, not all divorce cases require this. Couples can agree to all terms of the divorce and when they do, they can get an uncontested divorce. This is the quickest and most affordable way to get a divorce.

Couples who cannot agree to just one term of the divorce must obtain a contested divorce. Even when an agreement is not reached, it does not mean the couple has to let a judge make all the decisions in their case. Collaborative law and mediation are two options that allow couples to resolve their disputes without the need for litigation. If these methods are unsuccessful, a divorce trial may be necessary, which can become very costly and will take much longer.

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