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Criminal Defense Lawyers Jefferson City

Criminal Defense Lawyers Jefferson City

Criminal Defense Lawyers Jefferson City

Being charged with a criminal offense can be a scary experience. Neither the prosecution nor law enforcement is on your side. They may make mistakes during their investigation, or jump to untrue conclusions while aggressively pursuing the charges against you. You must have someone working to protect you and ensure that your rights are upheld. Our criminal defense lawyers in Jefferson City will act as your advocate every step of the way and give you the best chance of beating your criminal charges.

Violations of Traffic Law

There are many different violations of traffic law in Jefferson City, but some of the most common include running red lights, speeding, driving on license that is revoked or suspended, and following another vehicle too closely. Although these offenses may seem minor, they need the same aggressive defense as felonies and violent crimes. The penalties for a conviction are also very serious, such as losing your driver’s license, which can make it very difficult to go to work or school.

Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common criminal offense in Jefferson City, and throughout Missouri, but there are several different types. For example, the penalties for a first DWI conviction will not be as severe as a conviction for a third DWI. Additionally, a person may face drug-related charges such as possession if they drive while under the influence of drugs. Additionally, if an underage individual is caught driving while intoxicated, they will face serious penalties.

Drug Offenses

Possession, trafficking, and distribution are just a few examples of the many drug offenses a person may commit in Jefferson City. All charges are serious and will carry harsh penalties. Those penalties will vary depending on the amount and type of drug involved in the case, and whether there were aggravating factors, such as if a weapon was used. Individuals may also face either state or federal drug charges. For example, if a person is found in Jefferson City with a small amount of marijuana, they will likely face charges at the state level. On the other hand, if a person carried marijuana over state lines, federal charges would likely apply.

Theft Crimes

The two main types of theft offenses in Jefferson City are misdemeanor and felony theft. The majority of theft crimes, including shoplifting, fall into one of these two categories. The charges laid in theft crime cases depend largely on the facts of the case and the value of the stolen property.

Our Jefferson City Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You Beat Your Charges

No matter the type of crime you have been charged with, you need strong legal representation. Scott A. Hamblin is a Jefferson City criminal defense lawyer who knows the many defenses available, and how to use them effectively so you can beat your charges and retain your freedom. Call us now or reach out to us online to schedule a case review with our seasoned attorney and to learn more about the legal options available to you.

He’s On Your Side

Scott will keep you up to date on all important developments in your case. When you need to get in touch with him, he will be there to answer your call or return it promptly.

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