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Criminal Defense Lawyers Fulton

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fulton

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fulton 

When it comes to being accused or even suspected of a crime, the attorney that you work with can make the difference in terms of your record, your employment, your family’s well-being and, ultimately, your future.

Scott A. Hamblin has dedicated himself to working aggressively within the criminal justice system. Scott Hamblin provides strategic legal advice and representation to clients in and around Fulton, MO. Contact our offices today for a free consultation; even having one conversation with Scott Hamblin will make a tremendous difference in your future.

The Process in Missouri

Regardless of the charge you are facing, it is your attorney’s job to inform you of your options and represent your best interests. Your attorney will also assist you with all stages of the investigation process, ensuring that your rights are protected and evidence that has been illegally collected against you is not used in court. Part of this involves your attorney also relying on their own investigators and experts to take a close look at this evidence, as well as being able to locate the prosecution’s weakest points and ensuring that, if a plea bargain is the best choice for you, that it is the best deal you could possibly have obtained. 

In Missouri, criminal charges can result in a variety of consequences including serving time in jail, losing your driving privileges, and/or paying a fine. In addition, judges have leeway to impose more severe punishments if aggravating factors exist, such as:

  • Prior criminal convictions;
  • Being found guilty of a particular type of crime; or
  • The victim involved in the crime was over a certain age.

Practice Areas

You can learn more about our areas of practice below:

  • Driver’s License Reinstatement
  • Misdemeanors
  • Sex Crimes
  • Federal Crimes
  • Felonies

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If you or a loved one has been questioned about or accused of a crime in Missouri, contact Scott Hamblin today to schedule a consultation. His experience in the courtroom is unmatched; he understands the law and the criminal justice system from all perspectives, and is able to provide the very best in representation for his clients precisely. Get in touch today and learn how he can help.

He’s On Your Side

Scott will keep you up to date on all important developments in your case. When you need to get in touch with him, he will be there to answer your call or return it promptly.

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