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Cole County Federal Charges Lawyer

Cole County Federal Charges Lawyer

Cole County Federal Charges Lawyer

Being accused of a federal offense can change your life forever. You may lose your freedom if you are sentenced to federal prison, and even after you serve your time, you will lose certain rights. For example, you may be unable to own a firearm in the future. The federal government has many resources available to them, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Federal prosecutors also have extensive experience and manpower at their disposal. If you have been charged, you need the help of a Cole County federal charges lawyer who can prepare the defense you need.

The Difference Between State and Federal Crimes

The largest difference between state and federal crimes is the jurisdiction that has authority over them. While state criminal cases are heard in state court, federal crimes are heard in district court, the court of appeals, and the Supreme Court. Federal charges are also typically more serious, and the penalties associated with a conviction are much harsher.

Common Federal Charges

There are many different federal charges a person may be charged with. Some of the most common of these include:

  • Bank fraud: Bank fraud occurs when a person defrauds a financial institution. Even when the fraud is not carried out, a person can still face charges for attempting to defraud a financial institution.
  • Child pornography: Child pornography is an extremely serious federal charge that involves creating, possessing, distributing, or selling pornographic material that depicts minors. Not only does this crime involve long prison sentences for those convicted, but a conviction will also likely result in a lifetime registration as a sex offender.
  • Drug trafficking: Drug trafficking involves selling, manufacturing, distributing, or possessing for sale controlled substances. Drug trafficking becomes a federal charge when there are very large quantities involved or the drugs cross state lines.
  • Kidnapping: This offense involves taking another person and holding or confining them against their will. When the victim is a government official or someone crosses state lines during the commission of the crime, the federal government will become involved.
  • RICO crimes: These offenses fall under the Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act). There are many different types of RICO crimes, but they all involve businesses that conduct illegal activity and other organized crimes. Even when a member of an alleged organization does not carry out the crimes, they can still be convicted for their involvement in the operation.
  • Tax fraud: Tax evasion, or tax fraud, is a federal offense that involves avoiding or attempting to avoid paying the full amount of taxes to the federal government. Hiding assets, misstating income, failing to file tax returns, and claiming false deductions are just a few ways tax fraud is carried out.

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