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Cole County Divorce Attorney

Cole County Divorce Attorney

Cole County Divorce Attorney

I am a Cole County Divorce Attorney. I regularly represent clients in divorce proceedings in Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri. I believe it’s important to hire an attorney who regularly appears before the judges in Cole County. Every judge has a particular view or philosophy in presiding over a divorce case. By appearing regularly before the Cole County judges at least weekly and sometimes multiple times a week, I am able to use that experience to my client’s advantage. The insight I have obtained allows me to better advocate my client’s arguments to the court.

Why Hiring a Cole County Divorce Attorney Is Important

Any lawyer licensed to practice law in Missouri can appear before any judge in any court in Missouri. I believe hiring a local Cole County Divorce Attorney is important. While the statutes and case law don’t change from county to county, the local court rules do vary. Also, by appearing regularly before the local Cole County judges, I have developed credibility and a reputation for excellent legal work. While every case is unique, it helps to have developed a working relationship with the judges which then serves to benefit my clients.

Hiring a lawyer outside of Cole County can also result in additional expenses to the client. Most lawyers in divorce cases charge for their time. Attorney fees can include travel time. This can increase the cost of the divorce. Divorce cases usually involve multiple court appearances. Rarely is a contested divorce case resolved with one court appearance.

How Can a Cole County Divorce Attorney Help Me with My Divorce?

As an experienced Cole County Divorce Attorney, I can help my client with legal issues. One of the most important functions of a divorce attorney is to provide legal advice. Legal advice can range from explaining the court process to answering my client’s questions, preparing the legal documents, and representing my client in court.

Legal advice – One of the most important functions of a divorce lawyer is to provide a client with legal advice. Before I can provide my client with legal advice, I must first understand my client’s situation and circumstances. I need to obtain as much information as possible to better understand my clients’ desires and goals.

Document preparation – Document preparation usually begins with drafting the petition for dissolution of marriage. The petition for dissolution of marriage is the legal document that begins the divorce process. It’s the document that is accepted by the court, which starts the divorce process. It’s in this document that a client’s wishes are first presented to the court, along with pleading the facts to support the court granting the divorce.

Court appearances – Many divorce cases are resolved in court. Usually, it takes several court appearances and hearings before a trial occurs. I appear regularly before Cole County judges. I understand what judges expect and how they would like the case presented.

Negotiation – Negotiation is a mechanism that allows me to assist my client in obtaining a resolution of their case without having to proceed to trial. Many clients prefer to avoid court and trial, if possible. Negotiation can lead to a settlement which saves my client significant sums of money.

MediationMediation is a recognized alternative dispute resolution program. Mediation is a confidential mechanism to resolve a divorce without a trial. I generally prepare for mediation similar to preparing for trial. What is discussed in mediation cannot be shared with the judge unless there is an agreement.

Trial – A judge listens to the evidence presented at a trial and then makes a decision based upon that evidence. Spouses no longer decide what happens after a trial. Instead, the decision rests solely with the judge. Sometimes, clients want to avoid a trial to eliminate the risk of how a judge may rule. Generally though, trial occurs when the parents or spouses have been unable to reach an agreement.

Cole County Divorce Attorney Representing Clients in Centertown, Jefferson City, Taos, And Wardsville, Missouri

I represent individuals who live both inside and outside Cole County, Missouri. A person does not have to live in Cole County to obtain a divorce, but generally, at least one of the spouses must live in Cole County. Centertown, Jefferson City, Taos, and Wardsville are cities and towns located in Cole County. Many of my clients also reside outside of Cole County because they may have moved before the petition for divorce was filed.

How You Can Contact a Cole County Divorce Attorney

For more than twenty years, I have represented clients in divorce cases in Cole County. I have substantial experience trying cases. My representation, though, focuses on what my clients want to achieve. If you need help with your Cole County divorce, please contact me to assist you. I can be reached at https://scotthamblinlaw.com.

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