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Child Custody Lawyer Near Me

Child Custody Lawyer Near Me

Child Custody Lawyer Near Me

There are few relationships as important as the relationship that you have with your child. This makes child custody disputes more emotionally stressful. When there is stress associated with the child custody process, it can be difficult to see eye to eye with the other party involved. It’s important to remember that everyone involved in the dispute should intend to have the best interest of the child in mind. If not, personal greed may cloud proper judgment. If you’re going through a child custody dispute and are searching for an impartial party that will fight for what’s right for your child, consider seeking out a child custody lawyer near you in Missouri. 

Reasons for Child Custody Cases in Missouri

There are plenty of reasons that someone might enter a child custody case. These include but are not limited to divorce, child abuse, and considering the best interest of the child. Divorce is the most common reason to consider child custody situations. In a divorce, the two parents are separating and will likely no longer live together. This hinders the ability to parent a child with the other ex-spouse. In these situations, it could be helpful to work with a custody attorney to negotiate a child custody case. 

Unfortunately, divorce isn’t the only reason for custody battles. If there is any physical or sexual abuse of a child in Missouri, the law prohibits custody of that child to be awarded to the abuser. This is limited to certain types of offenses committed and relies on the conviction of the abuser. With emotional abuse, a court may not award custody to the abuser, but this comes with court discretion. This is because emotional abuse is significantly more difficult to prove in court, as there may not be any physical evidence of the abuse as there is in both physical and sexual abuse cases. The goal of the court is to protect the child, and if this requires granting custody to the non-abusing parent, they will often do so. 

Generally, if it is in the best interest of the child to remain in the custody of a certain parent or parental figure, the court may award custody as such. The best interest of the child may not be what either parent or the child want. Rather, the Missouri court will analyze all details of the custody case and determine where to place the child. Factors that play a role in their decision may include the location of the child’s school, the intention of parents to relocate, and whether the child needs the parent in their physical life to maintain a relationship with them. 

Types of Child Custody

Regardless of the reason for your child custody case in Missouri, there are various types of child custody options available. First, joint physical custody refers to both parents having significant periods of time when the child stays with them. Next, joint legal custody relates to how both parents have equal rights to make decisions relating to the health and welfare of the child. Lastly, third-parent custody occurs when neither parent has custody, but rather a different person like a grandparent or godparent is awarded guardianship

Work With a Child Custody Lawyer Near You in Missouri

There are many reasons to consider hiring a child custody lawyer in Missouri. They can help you navigate all aspects of the dispute and ensure that your child is placed where they will have the best living situation possible. Scott Hamblin, attorney at law, is an experienced child custody attorney in Missouri and will fight for the rights of your child. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case more thoroughly, contact us today.

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