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Why Would a Court Order for a Parent to be Supervised During Visitation?

Why Would a Court Order for a Parent to be Supervised During Visitation?

Why Would a Court Order for a Parent to be Supervised During Visitation?

A divorce can be a difficult time for couples, especially if they have children together. In some cases, parents may be granted visitation rights, also called parenting time in some states, to see their children if they don’t have sole custody of them. Additionally, the court may determine that a parent needs to be supervised during visitation with their children. Supervised visitation may seem confusing and overwhelming for parents, but attorney Scott A. Hamblin is here to help parents understand their visitation rights in Missouri. 

What Are Visitation Rights in Missouri?

When determining parenting time, Missouri courts will usually try to grant a child an equal amount of time with each parent. For example, parents may have their children on a schedule of alternating weeks or alternating days. The court will always choose what’s in the best interest of the child when determining a visitation schedule.

When Are Supervised Visits Necessary?

Though a parent may be granted visitation rights, they may be required to be supervised during visits. The purpose of supervised visits is to make sure that the parent’s caretaking abilities align with the child’s needs while ensuring their safety. Any custody case can require an adult, usually a social worker, to monitor the parent’s activity. However, in some cases, a family member may be permitted to supervise if the court allows. 

There are many reasons why a court may request supervised visits for a parent. These can include but are not limited to:

  • The Parent Has Never Had Contact With the Child Before

In some cases, a parent who had never previously been in contact with the child is granted further custody rights. For a child who has never met the parent, or it’s been a significant amount of time since seeing them, it can be difficult adjusting to parenting time. In addition, the court may not be able to determine if the parent will take appropriate care of the child yet. Supervised visitation can help ease the child into spending time with their parent and allow for reassurance of safe parenting practices. 

  • The Parent Is Battling Substance Abuse

If a parent is battling substance abuse or has in the past, supervised visits can ensure that the child is safe and their needs are met.. The court, as well as the other parent, may have concerns about substance use in the presence of the child or that potential substance use will interfere with the parent’s ability to care for the child appropriately.

  • Mental Health of the Parent 

If the parent suffers from a mental health condition, the court may order supervised visits depending on the parent’s capability to care for the child properly. The court recognizes that many individuals struggle with mental health conditions but are capable of caring for their children. However, if it can potentially harm the well-being of the child, a supervised visit may be beneficial. 

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

By contacting Scott A. Hamblin, you can gain a deeper understanding of visitation rights in Missouri and gain a strong legal advocate in your child custody case.. Our team is experienced with obtaining supervised visits and can ensure that your visitation rights are respected. We’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding court intervention and allocation of parenting time. 

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