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What to Expect During Your Divorce Hearing

What to Expect During Your Divorce Hearing

What to Expect During Your Divorce Hearing

If you are ending your marriage and cannot agree with your spouse about the different terms of the divorce, you will have to go to court to resolve the issue. The majority of people who go to court are unprepared for the high conflict and stress a divorce trial brings. If you have not worked with a Missouri divorce lawyer up until the point of trial, it is critical that you contact one who will protect your best interests. Below, our Missouri divorce lawyer explains what you can expect during a hearing.

What Happens at a Divorce Hearing?

The exact manner in which your divorce hearing will proceed will depend on the issues you have to resolve. Spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support are just a few issues that make their way into the courtroom. Regardless of the issue that requires resolution, divorce hearings do generally proceed in the same way.

Your attorney will have an opportunity to argue your case, and your spouse’s attorney will present the arguments for their side. You and your spouse will each likely have to testify. During your testimony, your lawyer will ask you questions, and you will be cross-examined by your spouse’s attorney. Likewise, your spouse will also have to answer questions asked by your attorney as well as theirs. In some instances, other experts are also called, such as child development professionals who can advise on custody cases.

A family law judge may also hear the opening and closing arguments from each side. Once the judge has heard all arguments, they will then make a decision on the case and issue a judgment in writing. The judgment is final and legally binding, although either side can appeal it if they believe it is unfair. A divorce trial can take anywhere from a few hours to several days or even over a year, depending on the facts of the case.

Keeping Issues Out of Court Helps You Retain Control

Going to court is not only intimidating and overwhelming, but it also means you leave all decisions entirely up to a judge. Judges will only apply the law to your case and will not consider what is best for you or your spouse. It is for this reason that family lawyers generally recommend that spouses try to reach an agreement on their own and keep disputes out of the courtroom.

If you can reach an agreement with your spouse, you can retain control over how decisions are made. You can create customized solutions that are best for you and your family, while also reducing the cost and the time it takes to finalize your divorce. As long as your agreement is fair, a judge will approve it.

Our Family Lawyer in Missouri Can Help With Your Dispute

Regardless of the disputes you are facing in your divorce, our Missouri family lawyer can help. Scott A. Hamblin has the necessary experience to help you and your spouse reach an agreement outside of the courtroom and, if necessary, can represent you at trial, too. Call us now or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation.

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