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What is a Criminal Lawyer?

What is a Criminal Lawyer?

What is a Criminal Lawyer?

A criminal lawyer focuses on defending those who have been charged with criminal activity. Criminal activity occurs when a law is broken, and the government takes steps toward enforcing those laws. A criminal defense lawyer defends an individual against allegations of criminal conduct.

What kinds of cases does a criminal lawyer take on?

The types of cases a criminal lawyer may accept frequently depend on the experience of the attorney. Some criminal lawyers will represent individuals charged with crimes in federal or state court or both. Generally, crimes are classified into three categories: felonies, misdemeanors, and ordinance violations. A crime is classified as a felony if the potential penalty involves incarceration for more than one year. A crime is a misdemeanor if the maximum potential penalty is less than one year in jail. Sometimes both felonies and misdemeanors can be resolved without serving time in prison or jail.

What does a criminal lawyer do?

An experienced criminal lawyer evaluates the circumstances of the offense. The criminal lawyer will determine what occurred, whether the facts support the charge filed by the government, whether law enforcement may have violated the person’s rights, evaluate the case for trial, determine mitigation evidence, engage in plea negotiations, and address the sentencing. Criminal lawyers need to be extremely detail-oriented and strategic because of the role they play throughout the criminal law process.

A criminal lawyer advises clients

The first and most important thing a criminal lawyer does is educate clients about criminal law, the charges they face, and the potential consequences, in order to prepare them for the next steps. From there, a criminal lawyer will recommend one or several potential action plans, so the accused can decide which option is best for them.

A criminal lawyer presents a case

A criminal lawyer will compile and present a case on their client’s behalf in the courtroom. This involves hours of in-depth preparation including gathering evidence and filing any pretrial motions. An experienced criminal lawyer has the knowledge of criminal law to effectively represent the accused and their case throughout the course of the trial.

A criminal lawyer protects his or her clients’ rights

All United States citizens have rights under the constitution. Criminal lawyers understand the depth of their rights and know how those correspond with the field of criminal law. An experienced criminal lawyer represents and advocates for their clients in every way possible.

Who can charge an individual with a crime?

Each level of government in the United States can charge an individual with a crime. This means a person can be charged by the federal, state, or local government. If charged with a federal crime, an individual will appear in federal court. A state charge is generally by the county prosecutor in which the crime is alleged to have occurred.

If you have recently been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to review and take on your case. Scott Hamblin has decades of expertise and the courtroom presence to help you make your case. Don’t leave your case to inexperienced hands; contact the law office of Scott Hamblin today.

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