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Divorce in Missouri: How to Start the Process

Divorce in Missouri: How to Start the Process

Divorce in Missouri: How to Start the Process

Starting the process of a divorce can seem overwhelming, but thankfully an attorney can help make the process easier. Individuals often have questions about how to start the process of divorce in Missouri and can benefit from the assistance of a trusted attorney. At Scott Hamblin Law, we will advocate for your rights during the divorce process and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

What Are the Steps to Starting a Divorce?

With our step-by-step guide, our office will ensure that you are prepared to proceed with a Missouri divorce. Here’s how to get started with the divorce process:

Step 1: Determine Where You’re Going to File

Every county in Missouri is divided into its own judicial circuit, and individuals must file for divorce in the county where either they or their spouse lives. Additionally, a person must be a resident of Missouri for at least 90 days before filing. If you are unsure of where to file, our office is happy to assist. 

Step 2: File a Divorce Petition

This petition also referred to as the Petition for Dissolution, is a portion of a larger documentation packet that individuals must file with their county. The Petition for Dissolution will primarily consist of questions related to the reason for divorce and aspects of the marriage. Other documentation centers around a couple’s income and expenses, property and debt distribution, and information about any children. If children are involved, a parenting plan must be filed that outlines child custody arrangements. Filing this documentation does not guarantee that individuals will receive any requests made in the filing. For example, if a spouse requests custody over any children, the court will still need to evaluate the best course of action during proceedings. Our team is experts in achieving the requests of our clients, and we’ll work to ensure you receive the requests made in the initial paperwork. 

Step 3: File Any Additional Paperwork for Children Involved

Depending on the county in which you’re filing, there may be additional paperwork that needs to be completed if the couple has children together. For example, parents who wish to file for custody or child support will need to file an individual form outlining this request. We’ll work to ensure you understand this document and can assist in filing with the county. 

Step 4: File for Divorce With the Appropriate County

The final step is to file your divorce paperwork with the correct circuit court. This can be achieved by visiting the court and handing them the documentation. The court will then work on filing your paperwork and informing your spouse of the divorce petition if they weren’t already involved in the process. Individuals should be prepared to pay a filing fee when handing in their documentation, which will vary depending on where the divorce is being filed. 

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