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Divorce: 5 Tips for Keeping the Financial Peace

Divorce: 5 Tips for Keeping the Financial Peace

Divorce: 5 Tips for Keeping the Financial Peace

Divorce comes with its fair share of hot-button topics, and not the least of these is finances. Your divorce will directly affect your financial rights, and financial matters have a way of tripping up divorces that are otherwise fairly straightforward. There are, however, five useful tips that can help you protect your financial rights while setting your sights on keeping the peace. If you’re looking at a divorce, it’s time to seek the skilled legal guidance of an experienced Missouri divorce attorney.

One: Demonstrate Your Commitment to Peaceful Proceedings

If you are committed to keeping your divorce as amicable as possible, it’s important to demonstrate this intention from the start. While this doesn’t necessarily mean being overly chummy with your soon-to-be ex, it does mean treating them with respect. If your ability to communicate has temporarily broken down – or has irretrievably broken down – stick to communicating electronically or to communicating via your respective divorce attorneys. The goal is to walk away with an equitable and fair property division – not to engage in an epic battle.

Two: Be Well Prepared

When it comes to orchestrating a relatively peaceful division of marital property, it pays to be well prepared, and this includes engaging in all the following:

  • Gathering, organizing, and compiling all the relevant financial documentation, which  can take some digging 
  • Doing research into the value of specific assets 
  • Bringing your attorney’s attention to any financial discrepancies you run across (some spouses are not above financial wrongdoing)
  • Becoming well acquainted with the ins and outs of your marital finances, property ownership, and holdings

The more familiar you are with your marital estate overall, the better prepared you’ll be to launch directly into straightforward financial negotiations. 

Three: Set Your Financial Priorities

Adopting an I’m going after everything I can get attitude is almost certain to turn up the heat on your divorce, and it can backfire in terms of your financial settlement. Once you determine where your priorities lie, it affords you more flexibility within your negotiations.

Four: Remain Calm and Focused

Successful negotiations require a steady focus on the endgame, and it doesn’t pay to let your emotions get the better of you. The best approach is reminding yourself that cooler heads tend to prevail. 

Five: Know When to Say When 

Dedicating yourself to a peaceful division or your marital property is a worthy goal, but if it comes at the price of sacrificing your financial rights, it’s time to reconsider. If your spouse is not interested in giving an inch, your negotiations can’t end until you’ve given in to all their demands, which is not a viable option. Divorce is unpredictable, which means that it’s important to be well-prepared to cut your losses and head to court if it comes to that.

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