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Challenges in Dissolution of a Long-Term Marriage

Challenges in Dissolution of a Long-Term Marriage

Challenges in Dissolution of a Long-Term Marriage

The longer your relationship, the more difficult it may be to resolve difficult issues in a divorce as asset division, spousal support, and any matters related to minor children. The divorce process can be more acrimonious when you’re trying to divide up cherished property that you’ve accumulated over several years together.

Scott A. Hamblin possesses the in-depth legal experience to defend your rights as well as the compassion to comprehend your individual needs during this difficult time. He has provided representation for numerous clients who wish to dissolve their long-term marriage, whether we’re assisting you in negotiating agreement with your spouse or arguing your position in court.

Scott A. Hamblin Can Help You Overcome Complications in Any Type of Divorce Case 

Couples dissolving a long-term marriage face an uphill battle because their lives have become so intertwined over the years. Scott Hamblin knows that he can best serve your interests by helping you make informed decisions, so that your divorce is on your terms. We encourage you to agree with your spouse where possible, but we’ll take matters if necessary to enforce your rights. In a dissolution of a long-term marriage, your primary concerns involve: 

  • Asset Division: State law requires a fair, equitable distribution of property obtained over the course of the marriage. However, a determination is complicated when attempting to distinguish between marital versus non-marital assets that have been in your family for some time. 
  • Spousal Support: When spouses have been together a long time, it’s common for one spouse to contribute more financially to the household – while the other contributes time and effort. Partners may disagree over the value of their respective roles, creating resentment and hurdles for reaching compromise.
  • Issues Related to Minor Children: Dissolution of a long-term marriage may also involve children, and it’s necessary to address child support, custody, and parenting time. The best interests of the child are the paramount concern when judges make decisions in these areas, but couples often disagree over what that standard involves.

Jefferson City, MO Attorney Advising You in a Dissolution of a Long-Term Marriage

While divorce law remains the same regardless of the length of your relationship, dissolution of a long-term marriage presents unique challenges. It’s difficult to know what to expect, so your post-divorce life may seem daunting. When you retain a skilled lawyer to protect your interests, you can look forward to a brighter future with confidence that your rights in property division and issues related to minor children are secure. Scott A. Hamblin has many years experience serving clients throughout Missouri, and can help you through dissolution of a long-term marriage. Please contact Scott A. Hamblin to discuss the details of your situation.

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