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Commitment to Excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence drives us to provide the best legal representation for our clients. Excellence is not a skill, but is an attitude. It is the desire to perform at a high level to produce results. We have high expectations for ourselves. Our business comes primarily from representing families and individuals. We remain in business because of our commitment to providing the best legal representation for our clients. We understand the anxiety and stress that comes with being involved in any type of court action. We work with our clients to help alleviate that anxiety and stress. Our clients know that we are always working for them. We re-commit ourselves every year to providing the best service possible. This is our Commitment to Excellence. Our clients deserve nothing less.

– Scott Hamblin

Family Law

As an effective family lawyer, Scott is a firm advocate for your rights, while also offering compassion and understanding for your case.



Criminal Law

As a former prosecuting attorney, Scott knows everything the prosecution has to do to be successful in a criminal defense case.



Personal Injury

Scott is dedicated to helping his clients obtain justice and compensation for the injuries they have suffered at the hands of another.


Jefferson City Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Jefferson City
Divorce Attorney
& Criminal Lawyer

Honesty and genuineness is an integral part of our practice. We are compassionate. We care about our clients and their concerns. We carefully listen to our clients. Once we have been hired, we visit with our clients to provide a candid and honest assessment of the case. We don’t tell our clients simply what they want to hear. Instead, we advise our clients of the risks and benefits associated with the case. Every situation is unique. We focus our representation based upon what the client wants to accomplish and we develop a strategy based upon how our client wants to proceed.

A client may have a strong interest in attempting to resolve a case without a trial. We help our client in attempting to achieve that goal. There are benefits to resolving a case without a trial. We recognize those benefits. We educate our client about the ways to avoid trial. We then implement those strategies to attempt to resolve the case.

There are also cases where trial is inevitable. Trial requires a different skill set that not all lawyers possess. For more than two decades, Scott Hamblin has built his reputation on his willingness to try cases in Jefferson City, Missouri and surrounding counties throughout central Missouri. From his law office in Jefferson City, Missouri, attorney Hamblin serves as an aggressive and zealous divorce lawyer, child custody lawyer, and family lawyer. As a criminal lawyer and a former prosecutor, Scott has tried numerous criminal cases including both jury trials and judge tried cases. Scott uses his trial experience to the advantage of his clients, in both attempting to settle cases and also at trial. Scott is an aggressive personal injury lawyer for his clients.

Scott concentrates his practice in the areas of family law, divorce and child custody, and state and federal criminal defense and being an aggressive and zealous advocate when needed.

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Divorce / Custody Process

Prepare & Plan

Gather documents, create a budget, etc.

Find an Attorney

A skilled family lawyer can advocate for you.

File Divorce Petition

Divorce formally begins after this filing.

Wait for Response

The other spouse enters a response to the filing.

Temporary Motions

May cover custody or financial issues during divorce.


Verifying financial info provided in the petition.

Settlement or Trial

Settlement is common, but a trial is possible.

Post-decree Issues

Modification or enforcement may be necessary.

Criminal Law Process

Complaint and Arrest

Defendant is arrested or served with complaint.

Contact an Attorney

Get an attorney involved as soon as possible.


The court will set bail if you are in custody.

Preliminary Hearing

Charges against you will be explained.


Enter a plea and set date for pre-trial hearing.

Discovery & Plea Bargaining

Collect evidence and negotiate to reduce charges.

Pretrial Conference

Final attempt to resolve the charges before trial.


Evidence is presented and the court reaches a verdict.

Appeal and Sentencing

Your attorney can help you negotiate sentencing

Personal Injury Process

Plaintiff is Injured

Injuries caused by negligence may result in lawsuits.

Retain an Attorney

An attorney can best represent your interests.

Evidence Gathering

Discovery is ongoing but should begin right away.

Demand Letter Served on Negligent Party

Request that the negligent party takes action.


Settlements will be offered and discussed.

Settlement or Pretrial Conference

If no settlement is reached, a trial date is set.

Trial Preparation & Negotiation

Sharing of evidence. Settlement is still possible.

Settlement or Trial Verdict

Parties agree to settle or jury decides outcome.

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He’s On
Your Side

Scott Hamblin is a partner and shareholder in the law firm of Brydon Swearengen & England P.C. Brydon Swearengen & England is one of the oldest and largest continuing law offices in Jefferson City, Missouri. Scott designed this website to provide specific information to individuals and families. Their needs are often different than the business, corporate and regulatory interests served by the firm. When you hire Scott Hamblin, you also receive the resources a larger law office provides, with additional attorneys, staff and technology to meet your legal needs. Please contact our office to assist you.

Why Choose
Scott Hamblin

We Listen

Every case is different, so we develop a legal strategy with your specific needs in mind. Scott carefully listens to your concerns and goals to gather the most vital facts to fully understand your special circumstances in order to identify the most suitable course of action.

We Fight

We do not unnecessarily rush a settlement unless it is truly beneficial to your circumstances. Opposing lawyers or insurance companies may attempt to drag out the battle in order to convince you to accept unjust conditions, but we are ready to fight for your rights until the end.

We Win!

We will always aim for the ideal solution, but if a trial is required, we have the litigation knowledge and perseverance to win for you. Our firm has earned a good reputation for success by consistently obtaining positive results for our clients and refusing to back down from difficult matters.

Success Stories

Family Law Case Result

Mother Achieves Sole Custody

A mother was seeking sole custody of her children following a divorce. The father refused to cooperate, leaving the client in a difficult situation as she felt as though her children didn’t have a voice. Scott recognized her need for an advocate and carefully listened to the children’s wishes, which conclusively helped the client achieve sole custody of her children and protected their best interests.


Criminal Case Result

DUI Charges Dropped

A Jefferson City man faced DUI charges following a field sobriety test. Charges against the defendant were dropped after Scott successfully maintained the client’s claims that the test results were inaccurate. While the client initially appeared to be in a difficult situation, Scott was able to push investigators to determine the sobriety test results as invalid, so the charges were dismissed.


Top-Rated Trial Attorney

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