Felony offenses and felony crimes are classified based upon certain elements, and the existence of certain circumstances dictates how the criminal offense is classified. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is critical when facing a felony criminal offense. Attorney Scott Hamblin has represented hundreds of clients confronted with felony criminal offenses and felony crimes. He has also tried numerous felony offenses and felony crimes in both circuit courts and United States District Courts.

Felony offenses and felony crimes comprise the most serious criminal offenses. Felony offenses and felony crimes have a range of punishment that includes a prison sentence. Missouri’s Criminal Code provides four separate classifications for felony criminal offenses:

Classification Range of Punishment Types of Offenses

Class A Felony

10 years in prison up to a life sentence.

Murder, arson, assault, rape, robbery, burglary, etc.

Class B Felony

Five years in prison up to 15 years in prison.

Murder, arson, assault, rape, child molestation, burglary, stealing, possession with intent to deliver or manufacture a controlled substance.

Class C Felony

One day in jail up to seven years in prison.

Arson, assault, stealing, tampering, possession of a controlled substance, etc.

Class D Felony

One day in jail up to four years in prison.

DWI, driving while revoked, etc.

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